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How to save local bookstores in two easy steps

Innovative ideas!


"Amazon beats local bookstores on price, and beats them on digital sales completely. Most people think local bookstores don’t stand a chance. Plenty have done well enough, but there’s a way out of this mess anyway. We can fix bookstores so they survive for decades to come."

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"For knowledge is what comes to us from others, while understanding is what we acquire ourselves."
Rumi: The Fire of Love - Nahal Tajadad, Nahal Tajadad

Rumi: The Fire of Love, by Nahal Tajadod, (translated into English by Robert Bononno), pg 30

Hugh Bonneville films new Paddington Bear movie...alongside a mechanical cuddly toy head!

Filming commenced at the end of September, according to Paddington's official Facebook page and the Daily Mail featured a little peak of what's going on ;)




The Lonesome Puppy - Yoshitomo Nara

The Lonesome Puppy - Yoshitomo Nara

I picked this up at the bookstore I used to frequent, a few years back. It was my first time buying a picture book. I know of Bemelmans' Madeline but never actually read it yet.


The Lonesome Puppy is the work of a Japanese contemporary artist by the name of Yoshitomo Nara, whose pieces often feature young girls and dogs. It was first published in Japan in 1999 under the title Tomodachi ga hoshi-katta ko-inu (The Puppy Who Wanted Friends) 


Then in 2008, San Francisco-based Chronicle Books decided to publish an English edition.


In Japan however, he has illustrated books, including novelist Banana Yoshimoto's works, written many essays (many are compiled and published), held exhibitions in galleries around the world and a has wide array of other activities.




The story tells of a very big puppy who is lonesome because no one can see him, until a determined little girl comes along climbs high enough to meet him and soon becomes his friend.


He ends the story by dedicating the book to physically-challenged children everywhere, and to Michi and Lolo in Amsterdam. Special thanks were also given to pork curry, beef curry and his long-time friend and collaborator Hiroshi Sugito.

(show spoiler)


His artwork is really a feast for the eyes!


Thank you Mr Nara for this cute and sweet story, I do hope for more picture book publications from you in the future, regardless in Japanese or English.

In the meantime, I'll continue staying good~ xD (http://artsy.net/artwork/yoshitomo-nara-stay-good)

PS: A reference to my favourite artwork by Nara.

Ha, well said!


Among the many things that makes Mr. Darcy more appealing than Mr. Gray is that Jane Austen never felt the need to describe what he ate or drank or why. Thank you again Jane for not boring us with the minutia of the absurd. 

Game: Jane Austen Unbound


Jane Austen Unbound - a hidden object game based on the world and works of Jane Austen, made into a Facebook application by BBC Worldwide and Legacy Games.



I just stumbled upon it while playing another hidden object game.


Unbound allows players to search for hidden objects, unlocking new scenes, proceeding with stories in order to unite Elizabeth and Darcy. At the same time, players are able to decorate their manors by purchasing items using guineas.


Looks like great fun for me, I'll be enjoying it for a while! :)



Iron Chef: The Official Book

Iron Chef: The Official Book - Fuji Television, Kaoru Hoketsu

I got this at a bookstore's pre-rennovation sale last weekend despite it looking quite battered with a 70% discount tag. I couldn't help myself but to buy out of sheer curiosity about the show.


As a child, Iron Chef was a weekend TV programme, airing on Saturday (on national TV). I guess seeing them actually cooking (at least) 3 courses within the hour made it really fascinating, funny at times too.


Now on to the book itself.


After the foreword by host Mr Takeshi Kaga and introduction for the American edition, it all begins with a recap of the New York Battle. Then comes an overview of The Gourmet Academy, rules of the culinary battle, profiles of respective Iron Chefs that have been featured throughout its 6 years and also its timeline.


The fact that "The Host's Choice of the 10 Best Dishes" is compiled here is very much a novelty for myself. The food being gourmet, it's fun to know what ingredients they put in, in order to create such exotic dishes.


Other juicy details include interviews with staff of the show and the Iron Chefs themselves as well. Basic details of 297 battles has been tabled nicely and with each printed after the interval of another section.


Foodies would also appreciate the list of restaurants owned by the Iron Chefs and their challengers respectively. Nevertheless, this trade paperback edition was published in 2004, the initial hardcover edition was out 3 years earlier. Therefore its accuracy cannot be guaranteed now.


Overall, I'm very glad to have bought this, much so if broadcasters decide to air all of the original Japanese episodes (along with the specials) to enjoy it all over again. Reading testimonials by staff made me chuckle and reminisce on what I recalled about the show.


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Getting lost in a book is my favorite past time. A wonderful way to keep oneself sane ;)

The Wisdom of Psychopaths: What Saints, Spies, and Serial Killers Can Teach Us About Success - Kevin Dutton
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"You talk about 'doing the right thing'. But what's worse, from a moral perspective? Beating someone up who deserves it? Or beating yourself up who doesn't? If you're a boxer, you do everything in your power to put the other guy away as soon as possible, right? So why are people prepared to tolerate ruthlessness in sport but not in everyday life?"

Japan's book vending machine!

In Japan, a vending machine on the train platform, offering pocket-sized

bestseller titles!


It never ceases to amaze me how creative these ideas can be. It's a great way to encourage people to read! But first, if western publishers are willing to produce pocket-sized books, prices will be more competitive and affordable, despite growing popularity of e-books. I still prefer physical copies myself, though I'm in danger of a book-slide ;)


If there was one near you, what knid of books would you want them to provide?



Source: Ko-e Magazine's Facebook page (URL as displayed below)

Source: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=540226422698990

13 Reasons You Wouldn't Want To Live In Jane Austen's England

Jane Austen's England - Roy Adkins, Lesley Adkins

Unappealing aspects of England in Jane Austen's era, explained in Adkins' book.


Anyone planning on reading it?

Source: http://email-thehistorypress.co.uk/interface/external_view_email.php?A9197247443720071035135496411322&varId=&utm_campaign=August+newsletter%3A+get+into+the+mind+of...&utm_source=emailCampaign&utm_medium=email&utm_content=

Cutting edge architecture for Birmingham's books

The new Library of Birmingham opens on 3 September 2013 in Centenary Square, Birmingham.

Source: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-23870240

Copyright and politics: when does too long become too much?

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Sometimes politics makes for strange bedfellows and that is slowly happening with the issue of reforming copyright laws. Everyone needs to know and understand how copyright works, especially the growing list of new authors and writers. There are no easy answers yet to a lot of difficult questions. 




Conservatives and liberals are starting to align with each other on copyright reform issues.

Source: http://communities.washingtontimes.com/neighborhood/its-about-time/2013/aug/22/copyright-reform-may-bring-gop-and-democrats-close

Larsson's unpublished short stories found in Sweden national library

An article published in 2010, by the Guardian reveals that short story manuscripts by author of the best-selling Millenium Trilogy, written when he was 17, had been found in the national library in Sweden.


Titles of both short stories are The Crystal Balls and The Flies respectively.

Source: http://www.theguardian.com/books/2010/jun/09/stieg-larsson-unpublished-manuscripts

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