The Lonesome Puppy - Yoshitomo Nara

The Lonesome Puppy - Yoshitomo Nara

I picked this up at the bookstore I used to frequent, a few years back. It was my first time buying a picture book. I know of Bemelmans' Madeline but never actually read it yet.


The Lonesome Puppy is the work of a Japanese contemporary artist by the name of Yoshitomo Nara, whose pieces often feature young girls and dogs. It was first published in Japan in 1999 under the title Tomodachi ga hoshi-katta ko-inu (The Puppy Who Wanted Friends) 


Then in 2008, San Francisco-based Chronicle Books decided to publish an English edition.


In Japan however, he has illustrated books, including novelist Banana Yoshimoto's works, written many essays (many are compiled and published), held exhibitions in galleries around the world and a has wide array of other activities.




The story tells of a very big puppy who is lonesome because no one can see him, until a determined little girl comes along climbs high enough to meet him and soon becomes his friend.


He ends the story by dedicating the book to physically-challenged children everywhere, and to Michi and Lolo in Amsterdam. Special thanks were also given to pork curry, beef curry and his long-time friend and collaborator Hiroshi Sugito.

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His artwork is really a feast for the eyes!


Thank you Mr Nara for this cute and sweet story, I do hope for more picture book publications from you in the future, regardless in Japanese or English.

In the meantime, I'll continue staying good~ xD (http://artsy.net/artwork/yoshitomo-nara-stay-good)

PS: A reference to my favourite artwork by Nara.