Iron Chef: The Official Book

Iron Chef: The Official Book - Fuji Television, Kaoru Hoketsu

I got this at a bookstore's pre-rennovation sale last weekend despite it looking quite battered with a 70% discount tag. I couldn't help myself but to buy out of sheer curiosity about the show.


As a child, Iron Chef was a weekend TV programme, airing on Saturday (on national TV). I guess seeing them actually cooking (at least) 3 courses within the hour made it really fascinating, funny at times too.


Now on to the book itself.


After the foreword by host Mr Takeshi Kaga and introduction for the American edition, it all begins with a recap of the New York Battle. Then comes an overview of The Gourmet Academy, rules of the culinary battle, profiles of respective Iron Chefs that have been featured throughout its 6 years and also its timeline.


The fact that "The Host's Choice of the 10 Best Dishes" is compiled here is very much a novelty for myself. The food being gourmet, it's fun to know what ingredients they put in, in order to create such exotic dishes.


Other juicy details include interviews with staff of the show and the Iron Chefs themselves as well. Basic details of 297 battles has been tabled nicely and with each printed after the interval of another section.


Foodies would also appreciate the list of restaurants owned by the Iron Chefs and their challengers respectively. Nevertheless, this trade paperback edition was published in 2004, the initial hardcover edition was out 3 years earlier. Therefore its accuracy cannot be guaranteed now.


Overall, I'm very glad to have bought this, much so if broadcasters decide to air all of the original Japanese episodes (along with the specials) to enjoy it all over again. Reading testimonials by staff made me chuckle and reminisce on what I recalled about the show.